Publishing Writings on feminism

This project zones in on (or magnifies) a single piece of point of view by publishing independent essays on feminism. Each issue’s form is entirely dictated by the content—a freedom which permits a sense of independence under the Magnify umbrella. The first issue is self-authored and has been designed in the DIY aesthetic of the 1970s.

Final Spread 2.jpg
Final Detail.jpg
Final Spread 1.jpg

The design of the A3 publication is a subtle collision of the grass-roots, DiY aesthetic and contemporary design. The juxtaposition of Myriad Pro, the Sans-serif body typeface (by female type design Carol Twombly), against hand cut and pasted titles in Courier New creates a sleek but slightly ‘anti-establishment’ aesthetic.


Furthermore, the large format is a point of difference from other socially driven self-publishing, such as zines, which is neccessary for an academically driven outcome.

Get in touch to request a copy.